Capital Gain is the ultimate reward of most property investments.

Instead it is commonly thought that Capital Growth is the reward.   Capital Growth is not the same as Capital Gain, as the net gain must also take into the account of the total cost of holding the investment during all those years.

This is one of the reasons why we emphasise the importance of “Cost Effective” investment. Investing in properties opens up a lifetime of financial opportunities and rewards, however high cost of holding can be more than just a burden on the investor. It may diminish additional investment opportunities, as well as add higher risk should circumstances change or fluctuate.

Hence, the real gain is the net result of Capital Growth, deducting total holding cost, as well as opportunity cost.

Our aim is to assist you in making the right property decisions to suit your goals and financial situation, so you can maximise Capital Gain, not just Capital Growth.

We look for much more than just capital growth, but also rental yield, outgoings, potential tax offsets, “sweet spotting” price points, leverage, and of course, bench mark results against other properties.

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