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Stunning Location – with open space and picturesque surrounding. Premium new community only 30 minutes from Melbourne…

Type: House and Land Package for Sale Status: Available

A lot of people ask where they can find the best investment properties in Melbourne, Sydney, or Queensland etc. They frequently ask where the hot investment locations.

In our opinion, all proper answers can only be given in consideration of the extent of the willingness of the investors to cover the out-of-pocket expenses, as well as the available budget. In other words: how “willing and able” they are.

After discussing with our clients, we would be able to suggest directions for the client to buy properties in Melbourne, and other cities or locations.

This page shows a sample of excellent properties – these are selected based on the following reasons:

  1. Rental return on investment
  2. Rental demand of the location
  3. Rental demand of the property type
  4. Growth potential
  5. Lower maintenance cost
  6. Hot investment Location in Melbourne

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